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This journal aims to produce knowledge and develop its knowledge and expertise in the field of specialization and research related to linguistic and literary phenomena, and original and new research related to the various sciences and literature in the Arab world, and to disseminate specialized knowledge and topics. And the problems related to linguistic and literary phenomena, and methods related to the thought and analysis and analysis of language issues and its critical phenomena in Arabic literature, both ancient – modern and linked to it – under new theories.

Journal Goals:

With the aim of bringing professors and scholars into the field of scientific research with specialized topics, and the Journal of Literature, Intellectuals and Scholars research, this journal has made it possible to publish its scientific and research product, where scientific research conditions are available, and follow-up. The ones that take into account the conditions of scientific research take precedence in terms of originality of thought, clarity of stylistics and authenticity, excellent quality, low quantity, seriousness in presenting and giving importance to research time.


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International Arabic Journal of Creative Research (IAJCR)

           Peer Reviewed Academic Quarterly Research Journal

“Study and Scientific Research Committee”

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            Email: editorjournal.iajcr@gmail.com

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International Arabic Journal of Creative Research (IAJCR)

               Email: editorjournal.iajcr@gmail.com

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Addres: Afghanistan, Kabul, Third District, Street#3, Shams Ghaznin

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